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PSM Update for October 2011

Posted in events on September 27, 2011 by Pleasure Forum Australia


The frisky spring air is upon us, ( well mostly, it is Melbourne after all) and I know I for one, am inclined to have an extra bounce in my step at this time of the year, punctuated with a sneeze too if the truth be known, but I digress.

And….. normally this would be the message announcing the next PSM line up, but sadly, as you know we have been waiting for our venue 24 Moons to reopen its doors, which is taking a little longer than they had anticipated.  We had even secured another venue just for October, and then very late last Friday night, that one fell through too.

As you may (or may not for that matter) know, finding a stylish, licensed, sex-positive space that caters to our needs and has wheelchair access in the CBD isn’t easy at the best of times, and certainly not easy at short notice. For this reason, PSM was going to be running for October 3,
but has now had to be cancelled due to events beyond our control.

However, we will be all systems go for November regardless of what transpires;  with our special guest speakers on high alert and poised ready to pounce all over our November Salon.

In the meantime I urge you to maintain your presence on Facebook by LIKING us if you haven’t already ( our old group was closed down, please join us again) and keep up to date with happenings by subscribing to our blog, following us on Twitter  or putting yourself on the email list if you’re not already.

 Pleasure Salon Melbourne is a community oriented group and ONLY exists with the support and participation of the people who make it happen and attend our gatherings, which means we are always looking for new ways to engage, entertain, expand and grow. If you have anything you’d like to contribute by means of time, ideas or energy, there’s always room to get people on board and keep things moving along. Shoot us an email offering whatever you can!

Also if you have any ideas for a presentation for next year, please let us know by sending in a brief, bullet-pointed plan of what you’d like to present on sex, pleasure and sexuality.

And finally in other news I have had the pleasure of chatting to the Australian promoters of two fabulous sex educators and artists in their own right; check out Midori’s upcoming Australian tour in October and Ivan Coyote’s  Australian tour for 2012 .

Until next time