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November Gathering

Posted in art, body modification, events, health, kink / BDSM, piercing on October 27, 2010 by Pleasure Forum Australia

Greetings Pleasure Lovers,

 November PSM takes you into a world of  the erotic and the adorned with Bella and paulus from Melbourne’s The Piercing Urge.

Bella has been around in the scene since the early nineties, and a professional Piercer and Educator with The Piercing Urge since then too. Piercing for sexual play is a favourite specialty of hers, having helped 100’s of folks explore this often fun, and useful add on to their bag of tricks.

 She has been invited to speak on radio, T.V, and in person both here in Melbourne and around Australia. She has taken an active part in the recent developments surrounding Victorian age of consent piercing legislation, Health Department Skin Penetration regulations, and the continued fight for high piercing standards.

 Her involvement in the kink scene in Melbourne sees her attending many of the public events, being involved in the production of OzKinkFest in 2009, and living a BDSM lifestyle 24/7 with her Leather boy paulus.

 Bella has presented a range of skillshares for Adrenachrome including Sharps for Sensation, Temporary Piercing for Play, and the Rough Body Play skillshare. Melbourne Leather Pride also saw her present an interesting workshop on the uses for piercing in bondage and chastity.

 Training body-piercers now consumes most of her working life. She created and runs The Piercing Urge Training Center which reflects her fun style and passion for safe body piercing activities. Current developments will soon see her making this information available online in order to extend the availability of 20 years worth of piercing expertise.

 Bella can provide a unique view that incorporates Kink, sex – and piercing.

There are many different ways piercing can be incorporated into a BDSM lifestyle choice – however there are also many ways it can go wrong too. Extreme pleasure coupled with extreme “unintended” pain is never a good thing.

 She can speak openly about the sexual advantages of genital piercings, has many funny stories accumulated over the years, and is passionate about educating people on the joys of piercing related play.

 Male – and female – chastity, additional stimulation, safe sex issues, and all the facts about these types of piercings, encourage getting educated to make informed decisions a valuable activity.

 Sex, play and metal – what a wonderful combo!!!

Join us for Bella and paulus’ amazing presentation on:

Monday November 8th

Pleasure Salon Melbourne

Miss Libertine: 34 Franklin St.

6pm-10 pm

Speaker starts around 7.15pm