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June Gathering and NAME CHANGE

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Greetings Pleasure Lovers

As hopefully most of you know, the June gathering of Pleasure Salon Melbourne will be its last under the name of Pleasure Salon Melbourne.

After June 5, we will be operating under the new name PLEASURE FORUM AUSTRALIA.

Big thanks must go out to Christian Vega for the inspiration for this name, and also to Brian Ward who is orchestrating the web change over to our new site which will go LIVE after June 5.2012.

There will be a new Facebook page for you to like too, so please keep an eye out for these changes as they come.

For details of our final gathering as Pleasure Salon Melbourne, we invite you to join us for a night of wonder as we present an:

Introduction to Kink and BDSM

Tuesday June 5. 2012.

The realm of Kink and BDSM has been gaining not only popularity but increasing notoriety as a valid and exciting form of erotic expression. No longer the realm of the mysterious and entirely forbidden, more and more people are finding themselves drawn to the arts of this kind of pleasure and arousal.

Pleasure Salon Melbourne’s Introduction to Kink and BDSM is a night for newbies, novices, the curious and respectful to come along and listen to Melbourne’s finest BDSM educators talk at length about their craft, the attraction and how to do it safely, consciously and with the highest regard for love and care.

We’ll be looking at

  • how / why BDSM serves people as an erotic pathway to pleasure and fulfilment rather than just titilating ‘stories from the dungeon’.
  • We’ll consider how people can develop their own agency around this approach to pleasure, what the benefits and potential pitfalls are, and how to avoid them.
  • We’ll look at some of the common misunderstandings around what this kind of play is and isn’t, and encourage attendees to seek further information and training if they’re keen to take their knowledge a step further.
  • We’ll discuss how people can develop a relationship with this aspect of their  erotic -self and what some of the roadblocks might be to letting themselves” go there”

Whether you’re looking to attend Kink play parties, or are just wanting to experiment at home, this is a participation-free night of information and mingling for those who have little to no experience with this world, but have always wanted to know more.

When: Tuesday June 5th

Where: LOOP Bar. 23 Meyers Place. Melbourne CBD


Time: 7.30

Cost $10

Our Presenters ( In their own words)

Sado BJ is well regarded around the Australian fetish scene as an expert in rope bondage, flogging and general impact play.

As co-owner of Melbourne fetish icon Eagle Leather, BJ’s accomplishments as a passionate advocate of the fetish and SM scene in Australia are wide and varied.  Through BJ’s career, he has focussed on sexual education and presented the majority of Eagle Leather’s workshops and seminars over the last 7 years; which culminated in him winning the award for “Australia’s Best Sex Educator” at the ErosShine Awards 2011, and Eagle Leather taking out the title of “Australia’s Best Independent Adult Store”.

His workshops centre around the education of fetish enthusiasts in everything they need to know, tending towards his favourite kinks – bondage, impact play and electric sex.


“Bella has been around in the scene since the early nineties, and a professional Piercer and Educator with The Piercing Urge since then too.

Bella has presented a range of skillshares for Pleasure Salon, Adrenachrome, and Melbourne Leather Pride, including Sharps for Sensation, TemporaryPiercing for Play, Rough Body Play, Microbranding, Superglue and Staples, Chastity Piercings, andthe latest skillshare From Finger to Fist – Anal play for beginners, that shepresents with her boy Paulus.

Training body-piercers now consumes most of her working life. She created and runs The Piercing Urge Training Center which reflects her fun style and passion for safe body piercing activities.

All of her classes and skills will be available from July at Melbourne’s newest specialty piercing studio – Piercing HQ. A kink and sex friendly studio developed with boy Paulus.”

Play favourites:





All Sharps

Anal Play

Face play

Breath play

I like speaking about the responsibilities both players in a scene have in producing a scene that “works” for all.

“Do Me” submissives shit me to tears.

Scene etiquette and manners

The equal value of “both” Tops AND bottoms – can’t have one without the other 🙂

Mistress Electra Amore

Is a dedicated and passionate fetish and BDSM educator to the professional realm of the industry.

Classified as a senior with just under 18 years of hands on experience working as a professional Dominatrix, Mistress Electra A’more is the owner of the spectacular  Adelaide professional play space – The Fetish Palace, where with a stern hand, mischievous lads and gents undertake an assortment  of obedience  training that is catered to each individuals desires.

Mistress Electra A’more is also one of Australia’s main trainers of the up and coming generations of Professional want to be Mistress’s, switches and submissive ladies.  With an iron fist and nearly two decades of knowledge, Electra guides the willing ones through the necessary  training to become a well-rounded and experienced professional.

May Gathering. Alternative Relationships

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Well after the mammoth events that were Tristan Taormino’s seminar and workshop, PSM is back at LOOP bar next Tuesday night May 1st, at 7.30 with what I’m sure will be a compelling panel presentation on Alternative Relationships.

We all had a blast at Tristan’s events, and for those who missed it, Tristan kindly gave permission to have part of her seminar recorded, and it can be heard by following the link under our “Media” page to the right. Thanks to Dean Beck for making this available.

Tuesday May 1st. Alternative Relationships

Relationships and communication are often a forgotten part of the sexuality dynamic. Titillating images or instant gratification are often more accessible and for many people, or more enjoyable than the potentially complex realities of processing emotions and negotiation that go along with being in a relationship.

Our panel for Alternative Relationships, will be hosted by Cyndi and  will be made up of  experts in the field, people with real life experience negotiating different kinds of relationships; why they do it, how they do it, and why it works for them. They will examine in detail alternatives to the monogamous, pair-bonding relationship many of us engage in by default, including:

  • how to negotiate boundaries
  • desires
  • fantasies
  • safer sex
  • family and society at large
  • and how they carved out a life for themselves that is both unique and fulfilling.

Their areas of expertise cover, but are not limited to bisexuality, polyamory, open relationships, swinging, and the D/s dynamic as a relationship and a lifestyle.

Our panellists:

Lyndal and Andrew Coon

Chantelle Austin

Anne Hunter

Sur Jack

As with all PSM events, we welcome people of all orientations, genders and backgrounds to come along, listen and share your experiences of a life when pleasure is important.

When: Tuesday May 1st

Time: 7.30pm

Where: Loop Bar.  23 Meyers Place. Melbourne CBD

Cost : $10

The venue is intimate, so we encourage people to arrive early for a seat, and a pre panel mingle to warm up.

Proudly supported by Take Care Out There

Tristan Taormino at Pleasure Salon Melbourne. April 2012

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Pleasure Salon Melbourne and Cyndi Darnell  (creator and founder of PSM) are thrilled to present

 Tristan Taormino ( USA)

for two nights in Melbourne 

Both events require PRE PURCHASE. See links below for access to our tickets through

Tickets can be bought for each event separately or come to both events for a discount

Both venues wheelchair friendly. PLEASE email for further details about this

Wednesday April 11. 2012 

Public Seminar

303 Sydney Road ( formerly The Beach)


7.30 pm

Tristan Taormino will take you on her personal journey from activist undergraduate to law school reject to struggling writer to author, Village Voice columnist, On Our Backs editor, sex educator, and adult film director. She’ll reveal the pleasures and pitfalls of a career that revolves around sex.

Hear about her first foray into porn on and off camera, what led her to form her own company, Smart Ass Productions, and become an exclusive director for Vivid Entertainment, one of the largest adult companies. She will share her definition of feminist porn, what she hopes to accomplish with her films, and the challenges she faces in the adult industry and in her professional career as a sex educator. She’ll dish all the juicy details of her adventures along the way with swingers, strippers, dominatrixes, drag kings, porn stars, and even Howard Stern.

Tristan Taormino is an award-winning author, columnist, sex educator, speaker, and filmmaker. She is the author of seven books: Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation, The Big Book of Sex Toys, The Anal Sex Position Guide, Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships, True Lust: Adventures in Sex, Porn and Perversion, Down and Dirty Sex Secrets, and two editions of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women.

She is the editor of 23 anthologies including Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica and was the founding editor of the Lambda Literary Award-winning series Best Lesbian Erotica. She’s written for a multitude of publications from Yale Journal of Law and Feminism to Penthouse, and served as editor of the magazine On Our Backs. For nine and a half years, she wrote a bi-weekly column in The Village Voice. She runs her own adult film production company, Smart Ass Productions, and is currently an exclusive director for Vivid Entertainment.

Tristan has taught hundreds of classes (on everything from negotiating relationships to female orgasms) at conferences, community events, and retail stores and she frequently lectures at top colleges and universities. Tristan has been featured in over 200 publications and appeared on dozens of radio and television programs.

She runs three websites:,, and



The following night:

Making Open Relationships Work

A workshop with Tristan Taormino 

Thursday April 12. 2012

Level 10 / 225 Bourke St Melbourne



Do open relationships really work? How do people create nontraditional partnerships that are loving and lasting? Tristan Taormino, relationship expert and author of Opening Up, shares some of the key principles that can help your open relationship(s) succeed.

She’ll discuss common issues and problems-from “new relationship energy” and time management to jealousy and agreement violations-and ways to address and resolve them. Tristan will offer tips on communication, negotiation, and boundary setting, as well as how to cope with change. Learn how to get to the root of jealous feelings and transform them by embracing the concept of ‘compersion’.

Whether you’re a newcomer or veteran to the world beyond monogamy, come discover strategies to help you nurture and grow your open relationship(s).