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June Gathering and NAME CHANGE

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Greetings Pleasure Lovers

As hopefully most of you know, the June gathering of Pleasure Salon Melbourne will be its last under the name of Pleasure Salon Melbourne.

After June 5, we will be operating under the new name PLEASURE FORUM AUSTRALIA.

Big thanks must go out to Christian Vega for the inspiration for this name, and also to Brian Ward who is orchestrating the web change over to our new site which will go LIVE after June 5.2012.

There will be a new Facebook page for you to like too, so please keep an eye out for these changes as they come.

For details of our final gathering as Pleasure Salon Melbourne, we invite you to join us for a night of wonder as we present an:

Introduction to Kink and BDSM

Tuesday June 5. 2012.

The realm of Kink and BDSM has been gaining not only popularity but increasing notoriety as a valid and exciting form of erotic expression. No longer the realm of the mysterious and entirely forbidden, more and more people are finding themselves drawn to the arts of this kind of pleasure and arousal.

Pleasure Salon Melbourne’s Introduction to Kink and BDSM is a night for newbies, novices, the curious and respectful to come along and listen to Melbourne’s finest BDSM educators talk at length about their craft, the attraction and how to do it safely, consciously and with the highest regard for love and care.

We’ll be looking at

  • how / why BDSM serves people as an erotic pathway to pleasure and fulfilment rather than just titilating ‘stories from the dungeon’.
  • We’ll consider how people can develop their own agency around this approach to pleasure, what the benefits and potential pitfalls are, and how to avoid them.
  • We’ll look at some of the common misunderstandings around what this kind of play is and isn’t, and encourage attendees to seek further information and training if they’re keen to take their knowledge a step further.
  • We’ll discuss how people can develop a relationship with this aspect of their  erotic -self and what some of the roadblocks might be to letting themselves” go there”

Whether you’re looking to attend Kink play parties, or are just wanting to experiment at home, this is a participation-free night of information and mingling for those who have little to no experience with this world, but have always wanted to know more.

When: Tuesday June 5th

Where: LOOP Bar. 23 Meyers Place. Melbourne CBD


Time: 7.30

Cost $10

Our Presenters ( In their own words)

Sado BJ is well regarded around the Australian fetish scene as an expert in rope bondage, flogging and general impact play.

As co-owner of Melbourne fetish icon Eagle Leather, BJ’s accomplishments as a passionate advocate of the fetish and SM scene in Australia are wide and varied.  Through BJ’s career, he has focussed on sexual education and presented the majority of Eagle Leather’s workshops and seminars over the last 7 years; which culminated in him winning the award for “Australia’s Best Sex Educator” at the ErosShine Awards 2011, and Eagle Leather taking out the title of “Australia’s Best Independent Adult Store”.

His workshops centre around the education of fetish enthusiasts in everything they need to know, tending towards his favourite kinks – bondage, impact play and electric sex.


“Bella has been around in the scene since the early nineties, and a professional Piercer and Educator with The Piercing Urge since then too.

Bella has presented a range of skillshares for Pleasure Salon, Adrenachrome, and Melbourne Leather Pride, including Sharps for Sensation, TemporaryPiercing for Play, Rough Body Play, Microbranding, Superglue and Staples, Chastity Piercings, andthe latest skillshare From Finger to Fist – Anal play for beginners, that shepresents with her boy Paulus.

Training body-piercers now consumes most of her working life. She created and runs The Piercing Urge Training Center which reflects her fun style and passion for safe body piercing activities.

All of her classes and skills will be available from July at Melbourne’s newest specialty piercing studio – Piercing HQ. A kink and sex friendly studio developed with boy Paulus.”

Play favourites:





All Sharps

Anal Play

Face play

Breath play

I like speaking about the responsibilities both players in a scene have in producing a scene that “works” for all.

“Do Me” submissives shit me to tears.

Scene etiquette and manners

The equal value of “both” Tops AND bottoms – can’t have one without the other 🙂

Mistress Electra Amore

Is a dedicated and passionate fetish and BDSM educator to the professional realm of the industry.

Classified as a senior with just under 18 years of hands on experience working as a professional Dominatrix, Mistress Electra A’more is the owner of the spectacular  Adelaide professional play space – The Fetish Palace, where with a stern hand, mischievous lads and gents undertake an assortment  of obedience  training that is catered to each individuals desires.

Mistress Electra A’more is also one of Australia’s main trainers of the up and coming generations of Professional want to be Mistress’s, switches and submissive ladies.  With an iron fist and nearly two decades of knowledge, Electra guides the willing ones through the necessary  training to become a well-rounded and experienced professional.

May Gathering. Alternative Relationships

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Well after the mammoth events that were Tristan Taormino’s seminar and workshop, PSM is back at LOOP bar next Tuesday night May 1st, at 7.30 with what I’m sure will be a compelling panel presentation on Alternative Relationships.

We all had a blast at Tristan’s events, and for those who missed it, Tristan kindly gave permission to have part of her seminar recorded, and it can be heard by following the link under our “Media” page to the right. Thanks to Dean Beck for making this available.

Tuesday May 1st. Alternative Relationships

Relationships and communication are often a forgotten part of the sexuality dynamic. Titillating images or instant gratification are often more accessible and for many people, or more enjoyable than the potentially complex realities of processing emotions and negotiation that go along with being in a relationship.

Our panel for Alternative Relationships, will be hosted by Cyndi and  will be made up of  experts in the field, people with real life experience negotiating different kinds of relationships; why they do it, how they do it, and why it works for them. They will examine in detail alternatives to the monogamous, pair-bonding relationship many of us engage in by default, including:

  • how to negotiate boundaries
  • desires
  • fantasies
  • safer sex
  • family and society at large
  • and how they carved out a life for themselves that is both unique and fulfilling.

Their areas of expertise cover, but are not limited to bisexuality, polyamory, open relationships, swinging, and the D/s dynamic as a relationship and a lifestyle.

Our panellists:

Lyndal and Andrew Coon

Chantelle Austin

Anne Hunter

Sur Jack

As with all PSM events, we welcome people of all orientations, genders and backgrounds to come along, listen and share your experiences of a life when pleasure is important.

When: Tuesday May 1st

Time: 7.30pm

Where: Loop Bar.  23 Meyers Place. Melbourne CBD

Cost : $10

The venue is intimate, so we encourage people to arrive early for a seat, and a pre panel mingle to warm up.

Proudly supported by Take Care Out There

March Gathering 2012

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February PSM saw the year start off with a veritable BANG in the form of our fabulous porn panel of local porn aficionados, and the skyped-in interview with Buck Angel. Thanks to our candid and honest panel guests, our audience members and our funky new home at LOOP where we gather on the FIRST TUESDAY of the month (except for special occasions).

Next PSM gathering is TUESDAY March 6th, where our guest speakers will be looking at sex and sexuality form a practical and hands-on perspective. Come along to find out more about Sexological Bodywork AND the Joy of Strap-Ons!


Deej Juventin

Deej is one of Australia’s leading somatic sex educators. Focusing on empowering people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds to lead more embodied erotic lives, his work is highly experiential, and delivered with safety, heart, and integrity. Based in Brisbane, he runs workshops throughout the Asia Pacific region, and teaches individuals and couples to access more pleasure and have better sex. He heads the faculty for the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork Professional Training in Australia, and is the President of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia.

How We Learn Sex – A Sexological Bodywork Approach To Living More Fully

An exploration of how human beings learn, limit  and expand. Developments in neuroscience have told us what anybody who has put a bit of work into themselves already knew. Rather than being constrained by the habits we’ve developed, we are capable of incredible change, growth, and expansion – a concept known as ‘neuroplasticity.’ This has contributed to the field of somatic sexology – a body-based approach to learning about sex, pleasure and intimacy.

Yes, human beings are capable of an extraordinary range of experience. We are able to access more pleasure and have more choice about how we are in our bodies, than most of us ever imagined. Come and learn how.


Louise has her finger a few different pies around sex-positive Melbourne. She’s got her hands full working at D.VICE sex shop and for Take Care {out} There, as well as studying sexual health at Melbourne Uni. One of her many interests in the world of sex is Strap-Ons. She will be presenting the ins-and-outs (so to speak) of Strap-Ons, talking about why they are such fun and sharing a few tips and tricks for how to get the most out of them.

Our presenters will be leading you through an introductory seminar and workshop starting from 7.30 pm.

Be sure to get in early for a good comfy spot and take advantage of the range of drinks and snacks available at LOOP, served by the spunky and friendly bar staff.



TIME: DOORS 6.30 FOR A 7:30 START. (Finishing around 10pm)

COST: $10

In other news, the gang from our old home 24 Moons, are just about to open their new venue, along with the STUNNING Madame Mama Natalia who many of you will remember as the MC of our wild Xmas party at the Order of Melbourne last year. Such a hedonistic concoction of glamour, art, sex and cocktails that just must be seen to be believed!  Check them out at Bohemia Cabaret Club.

AND…………… hold onto your girdles pleasure lovers, because we have an EXTRA SPECIAL surprise for you in April!

Details coming VERY VERY VERY soon!

Bye for now!

New Venue, New Days and February Gathering

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Greetings all ……..and Happy New Year

Pleasure Salon Melbourne is back for 2012 with a fabulous variety of sex-positive, sexual  health, pleasure  and  adult information  evenings . Our nights still feature  Australia’s  best sex educators and activists to bring you some of the most up to date and progressive sexuality information available, all in a friendly and welcoming environment.

As you know we have been looking for a new home for some time now, and have finally found one  at the gorgeous

LOOP bar

23 Meyers Place

Melbourne CBD  (Off Bourke St,  close to Parliament Station.)

We are thrilled to announce this venue is WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE and has CAR PARKING  close by.

Next week our


from 6.30pm will be on



Forum starts at 7.30 pm

February Pleasure Salon Melbourne celebrates sex-positive erotic films, feminism and pornography

February PSM will be trialling a new PANEL format where our guests will be able to engage in dialogue with Cyndi and the audience to explore and detail their experiences as performers and producers of pornographic adult movies.

Our Feb line up includes the gorgeous and articulate Gala  known for her pioneering work with FECK,  stunning feminist pornster Liandra Dahl  an independent feminist pornographer and blogger who has recently worked with one of the world’s most well known sex educators ( Betty) Dodson and Ross,  alongside award winning  Australian production company, Adult Voyeur’s very own  Bourke Wills.


Gala is a mutli-purpose sex-positive sex worker who entered the industry through the pornhole.  Her career in alternative smutmaking started at a Melbourne-based company Feck ( one of Pleasure Salon Melbourne’s sponsors),  and her work appears on its sites,,, and  more recently she has appeared on, and she is currently preparing to launch a blog journalling her experiences in various facets of the industry.’

Liandra Dahl

Liandra has worked in the alternative pornography industry for 9 years. She first began work with the Australian adult websites run by Feck,  and as a contributor and then as the hostess of their masturbation site between 2003 to 2007. She has also worked with acclaimed European female adult film producers Erika Lust and Jennifer Lyon Bell as a performer. She currently runs her own pansexual independent reality sex site where she performs, produces, films, edits and codes for the whole project and website.

Bourke Wills

Bourke Wills started making high quality, uniquely Australian porn a long time ago as Adult Voyuer. Our first trial shoot was August 2008 and was either a dismal failure or incredibly steep learning curve, depending on which way you look at these things.

We continued shooting,  and learning until we felt we had a sufficient backlog of material. We launched the first version of our site in 2010 to a very good reception and relaunched in in 2011 the same year we  won the Eros Shine Award for the “Best Australian Adult Website”.

Adult Voyeur continues to grow  largely due to the fascination the rest of the world has with Australia and Australian’s eager to see Australian content. We are Australia’s only high production value, top shelf,  adult film company and are dedicated to showcasing beautiful Australians having great sex in gorgeous Australian locations. We feel Australian porn as a whole is unique, it is women and couple friendly, empowering,  sex positive porn.

In other news……………………………

Starting in March,  we will be meeting the FIRST TUESDAY of each month which means our March Salon will be on TUESDAY March 6th, and we will be continuing with TUESDAY gatherings for the rest of 2012 unless we have a special event.

We understand that may mean some of you won’t be able to attend, whilst for others it means a break from the weekend crazies and a day to recover before heading out again. Running such an event we try our best to keep everyone happy, but in the end decisions have to be made, and we hope this change causes as little disappointment and inconvenience as possible

LOOP bar have offered us the residency for the duration of 2012 and we look forward to sampling their fabulous food and drink selection and taking advantage of the fabulous tech set up in addition to the warm embrace of Pleasure Salon Melbourne’s values of open and honest discussion around the importance of pleasure and good sex.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

Christmas Party!!!!!

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A saucy night of comedy, cabaret & sex-positive adult education for the 21st century featuring:



TIME: doors: 7.00 PM


Proudly supported by Take Care Out There

New Venue and November Gathering

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Well, It’s been a long time coming, but we’re back to see out the rest of 2011 with a bang.

Our next gathering will be Monday November 7th at our brand new home

Tony Starr’s Kitten Club,

Level 2 / 267 Little Collins St. (CBD)

 (Look for the lime green door.)

Since previous host venue 24 Moons shut its doors, we have been looking for a new home to host us, and the good people at Tony Starr’s
Kitten Club have kindly offered their premises to us. Fabulous food, full menu and cocktails, we are thrilled and honoured to have access to this wonderful new space. Sadly, this venue is not wheelchair accessible.  We are still open to suggestions for a new home, so please send us your ideas for places that

  • serve food and liquor
  • have a space for us
  • have stages, mics, projectors etc.
  • are wheelchair accessible
  • and in the CBD


As you may have been following, we are revamping PSM’s format starting with our November gathering. November brings you 2 special
presenters and a flurry of shenanigans prepared by Cyndi and Christian for your delight. Door prizes a plenty and more interaction for you all.

Summer time start is now 6.30 pm for a 7.15 first presenter.


Jessi Lewis

Melbourne performance artist Jessi Lewis joins us for a presentation like no other.

Exploring what it means to be only 22 and HIV positive, in a world where the death of face to face flirtation is imminent after the rise of Grindr, & what this new technology means for his generation while weaving this in through his own personal story of performance, gay beats, paying rent and moving to Melbourne at age 18.

Having performed Australia wide, Jessi is thrilled to bring us excerpts from his dance pieces, and engage in a Q & A with our audience at PSM.

Melbourne Rope Dojo

Our feedback has told us that you have all been VERY keen to know more about rope play and we have found you one of Australia’s best rope
instructors; Melbourne Rope Dojo!

The head instructor at the Melbourne Rope Dojo is Scott, one of the most experienced practitioners of Shibari outside of Japan. Scott started studying Shibari in 2004, which lead him to visit Japan starting in 2009 to continue his studies. He has been to Japan three times now to study under his Sensei, Osada Steve, and one of Osada Steve’s teachers, Yukimura Haruki-Sensei.

Whilst experienced in all aspects of Shibari, Scott has a particular love of newaza, or the intimate and connected tying typically performed on the floor. For Scott, the connection that can be achieved through rope is unique and forms the heart of Shibari. There is therefore an emphasis at the Dojo of learning how to obtain this connection.

Scott will be providing a demonstration of his work, along with a full suspension demonstration and a history of Shibari (Japanese
Rope Work).


 Tony Starr’s Kitten Club

Level 2/ 267 Little Collins St CBD


 Monday November 7th

Doors:  6: 30 pm for a 7:15 start.

 Full bar and meals available

Cost $10

News and June Gathering

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May Pleasure Salon Melbourne was the beginning of our Wintery series of presentations, featuring the expertise of the delightful Uma and her approach to Tantra and Expanded Erotic Consciousness. Big big thanks to Uma for coming all the way from Brisbane to share her knowledge and passion with us! We HEART you!

Our gatherings just seem to keep growing and growing, thanks to all of you. Be sure to join our mailing list for regular updates and info on our sex-positive gatherings in Melbourne.


Pleasure Salon Melbourne only exists with your energy and participation, so the Pleasure Salon Melbourne organisers are deeply grateful to each and every one of our attendees, WE LOVE YOU…… and the  fabulous support of our host venue 24 Moons, our provider of door prizes Bliss 4 Women and ALSO Foundation for our flyers.


We are also thrilled to announce the support of  FECK, creator of Beautiful Agony, I Shot Myself and I Feel Myself for their generous contribution. Starting in June, FECK and Pleasure Salon Melbourne will be giving away one online membership each month to one lucky Pleasure Salon Melbourne attendee.


Being a community based organisation, PSM is always appreciative of any sponsorship that can be provided to assist with maintaining PSM and the contributions we make to making Australia a brighter and more sex-positive place to live. Should you or your business like to be part of this, please email us.


Sex work from a Sex worker’s Perspective

Hosted and Presented by Christian Vega

Overwhelmingly, dramatic performances, research articles and media portrayals make the most of the misery and desperation experienced by some people who do sex work. It’s unsurprisingly rare that these stories are told by actual sex workers. Instead, audiences are fed faceless images, caricatures that perpetuate stereotypes and stigma against sex workers and stymie the progress of our human rights.

In June, Pleasure Salon Melbourne would like to change that.   With the assistance of Zero One Zero, a community digital story telling collective, a group of sex workers were given the tools and skills to express themselves through the medium of film. Pleasure Salon Melbourne will be screening some of these short films:

Name: Lover & Fighter

About: Made with the intention to de-mystify political contradictions and celebrate sex work’s positive impact on my life to those around me i have difficulty explaining it to.

Name: Whore Pride

About My Film: It’s about the latest challenges I faced as I took sex work into 3 arenas many consider too taboo for it to go: Family, Politics and Relationships.

Name: You are Me

About My Film: My film brings to the fore the double life I feel I’ve had to live due to the stigma associated with sex work

A Q&A session with their makers will follow the screening of these films. 

Sex worker, Health Service Provider, Activist; Christian (aka: Tyson Quorren-Smith amongst other aliases) has been involved with sex work for the past 12 years.  Christian has worked in a number of health and community responses for sex workers and other socially excluded peoples. He currently works at RhED (Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry), as the Health Education and Support Worker for Male and Trans* Sex Workers in Victoria and co-ordinates the Hustling 2 Health Program, a peer based,  after hours drop-in service for street sex workers. As a sex worker activist, Christian has taken on a number of roles.  He is a highly active member of Vixen, the Victorian Sex Industry Network, a social support group entirely constituted of sex workers who seek to provide a voice for Victorian sex workers. Christian is also the elected National Representative of Male Sex Workers by the Scarlet Alliance, the Australian sex worker association. Alongside this experience, Christian sex work career spans many contexts from street work to escort agency work to private work with special needs clients.  Highly versatile, either being the boy next door or the boy your mama warned you about, Christian has well-practiced skills in physical, intellectual and sensory satisfaction.

WHERE : 24 Moons. AC/DC Lane. (off Flinders Lane)

WHEN: Monday June 6th

TIME: DOORS 6PM. Speaker and Movies start at 7.30pm