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Tristan Taormino at Pleasure Salon Melbourne. April 2012

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Pleasure Salon Melbourne and Cyndi Darnell  (creator and founder of PSM) are thrilled to present

 Tristan Taormino ( USA)

for two nights in Melbourne 

Both events require PRE PURCHASE. See links below for access to our tickets through

Tickets can be bought for each event separately or come to both events for a discount

Both venues wheelchair friendly. PLEASE email for further details about this

Wednesday April 11. 2012 

Public Seminar

303 Sydney Road ( formerly The Beach)


7.30 pm

Tristan Taormino will take you on her personal journey from activist undergraduate to law school reject to struggling writer to author, Village Voice columnist, On Our Backs editor, sex educator, and adult film director. She’ll reveal the pleasures and pitfalls of a career that revolves around sex.

Hear about her first foray into porn on and off camera, what led her to form her own company, Smart Ass Productions, and become an exclusive director for Vivid Entertainment, one of the largest adult companies. She will share her definition of feminist porn, what she hopes to accomplish with her films, and the challenges she faces in the adult industry and in her professional career as a sex educator. She’ll dish all the juicy details of her adventures along the way with swingers, strippers, dominatrixes, drag kings, porn stars, and even Howard Stern.

Tristan Taormino is an award-winning author, columnist, sex educator, speaker, and filmmaker. She is the author of seven books: Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation, The Big Book of Sex Toys, The Anal Sex Position Guide, Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships, True Lust: Adventures in Sex, Porn and Perversion, Down and Dirty Sex Secrets, and two editions of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women.

She is the editor of 23 anthologies including Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica and was the founding editor of the Lambda Literary Award-winning series Best Lesbian Erotica. She’s written for a multitude of publications from Yale Journal of Law and Feminism to Penthouse, and served as editor of the magazine On Our Backs. For nine and a half years, she wrote a bi-weekly column in The Village Voice. She runs her own adult film production company, Smart Ass Productions, and is currently an exclusive director for Vivid Entertainment.

Tristan has taught hundreds of classes (on everything from negotiating relationships to female orgasms) at conferences, community events, and retail stores and she frequently lectures at top colleges and universities. Tristan has been featured in over 200 publications and appeared on dozens of radio and television programs.

She runs three websites:,, and



The following night:

Making Open Relationships Work

A workshop with Tristan Taormino 

Thursday April 12. 2012

Level 10 / 225 Bourke St Melbourne



Do open relationships really work? How do people create nontraditional partnerships that are loving and lasting? Tristan Taormino, relationship expert and author of Opening Up, shares some of the key principles that can help your open relationship(s) succeed.

She’ll discuss common issues and problems-from “new relationship energy” and time management to jealousy and agreement violations-and ways to address and resolve them. Tristan will offer tips on communication, negotiation, and boundary setting, as well as how to cope with change. Learn how to get to the root of jealous feelings and transform them by embracing the concept of ‘compersion’.

Whether you’re a newcomer or veteran to the world beyond monogamy, come discover strategies to help you nurture and grow your open relationship(s).



New Venue, New Days and February Gathering

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Greetings all ……..and Happy New Year

Pleasure Salon Melbourne is back for 2012 with a fabulous variety of sex-positive, sexual  health, pleasure  and  adult information  evenings . Our nights still feature  Australia’s  best sex educators and activists to bring you some of the most up to date and progressive sexuality information available, all in a friendly and welcoming environment.

As you know we have been looking for a new home for some time now, and have finally found one  at the gorgeous

LOOP bar

23 Meyers Place

Melbourne CBD  (Off Bourke St,  close to Parliament Station.)

We are thrilled to announce this venue is WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE and has CAR PARKING  close by.

Next week our


from 6.30pm will be on



Forum starts at 7.30 pm

February Pleasure Salon Melbourne celebrates sex-positive erotic films, feminism and pornography

February PSM will be trialling a new PANEL format where our guests will be able to engage in dialogue with Cyndi and the audience to explore and detail their experiences as performers and producers of pornographic adult movies.

Our Feb line up includes the gorgeous and articulate Gala  known for her pioneering work with FECK,  stunning feminist pornster Liandra Dahl  an independent feminist pornographer and blogger who has recently worked with one of the world’s most well known sex educators ( Betty) Dodson and Ross,  alongside award winning  Australian production company, Adult Voyeur’s very own  Bourke Wills.


Gala is a mutli-purpose sex-positive sex worker who entered the industry through the pornhole.  Her career in alternative smutmaking started at a Melbourne-based company Feck ( one of Pleasure Salon Melbourne’s sponsors),  and her work appears on its sites,,, and  more recently she has appeared on, and she is currently preparing to launch a blog journalling her experiences in various facets of the industry.’

Liandra Dahl

Liandra has worked in the alternative pornography industry for 9 years. She first began work with the Australian adult websites run by Feck,  and as a contributor and then as the hostess of their masturbation site between 2003 to 2007. She has also worked with acclaimed European female adult film producers Erika Lust and Jennifer Lyon Bell as a performer. She currently runs her own pansexual independent reality sex site where she performs, produces, films, edits and codes for the whole project and website.

Bourke Wills

Bourke Wills started making high quality, uniquely Australian porn a long time ago as Adult Voyuer. Our first trial shoot was August 2008 and was either a dismal failure or incredibly steep learning curve, depending on which way you look at these things.

We continued shooting,  and learning until we felt we had a sufficient backlog of material. We launched the first version of our site in 2010 to a very good reception and relaunched in in 2011 the same year we  won the Eros Shine Award for the “Best Australian Adult Website”.

Adult Voyeur continues to grow  largely due to the fascination the rest of the world has with Australia and Australian’s eager to see Australian content. We are Australia’s only high production value, top shelf,  adult film company and are dedicated to showcasing beautiful Australians having great sex in gorgeous Australian locations. We feel Australian porn as a whole is unique, it is women and couple friendly, empowering,  sex positive porn.

In other news……………………………

Starting in March,  we will be meeting the FIRST TUESDAY of each month which means our March Salon will be on TUESDAY March 6th, and we will be continuing with TUESDAY gatherings for the rest of 2012 unless we have a special event.

We understand that may mean some of you won’t be able to attend, whilst for others it means a break from the weekend crazies and a day to recover before heading out again. Running such an event we try our best to keep everyone happy, but in the end decisions have to be made, and we hope this change causes as little disappointment and inconvenience as possible

LOOP bar have offered us the residency for the duration of 2012 and we look forward to sampling their fabulous food and drink selection and taking advantage of the fabulous tech set up in addition to the warm embrace of Pleasure Salon Melbourne’s values of open and honest discussion around the importance of pleasure and good sex.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

News and June Gathering

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May Pleasure Salon Melbourne was the beginning of our Wintery series of presentations, featuring the expertise of the delightful Uma and her approach to Tantra and Expanded Erotic Consciousness. Big big thanks to Uma for coming all the way from Brisbane to share her knowledge and passion with us! We HEART you!

Our gatherings just seem to keep growing and growing, thanks to all of you. Be sure to join our mailing list for regular updates and info on our sex-positive gatherings in Melbourne.


Pleasure Salon Melbourne only exists with your energy and participation, so the Pleasure Salon Melbourne organisers are deeply grateful to each and every one of our attendees, WE LOVE YOU…… and the  fabulous support of our host venue 24 Moons, our provider of door prizes Bliss 4 Women and ALSO Foundation for our flyers.


We are also thrilled to announce the support of  FECK, creator of Beautiful Agony, I Shot Myself and I Feel Myself for their generous contribution. Starting in June, FECK and Pleasure Salon Melbourne will be giving away one online membership each month to one lucky Pleasure Salon Melbourne attendee.


Being a community based organisation, PSM is always appreciative of any sponsorship that can be provided to assist with maintaining PSM and the contributions we make to making Australia a brighter and more sex-positive place to live. Should you or your business like to be part of this, please email us.


Sex work from a Sex worker’s Perspective

Hosted and Presented by Christian Vega

Overwhelmingly, dramatic performances, research articles and media portrayals make the most of the misery and desperation experienced by some people who do sex work. It’s unsurprisingly rare that these stories are told by actual sex workers. Instead, audiences are fed faceless images, caricatures that perpetuate stereotypes and stigma against sex workers and stymie the progress of our human rights.

In June, Pleasure Salon Melbourne would like to change that.   With the assistance of Zero One Zero, a community digital story telling collective, a group of sex workers were given the tools and skills to express themselves through the medium of film. Pleasure Salon Melbourne will be screening some of these short films:

Name: Lover & Fighter

About: Made with the intention to de-mystify political contradictions and celebrate sex work’s positive impact on my life to those around me i have difficulty explaining it to.

Name: Whore Pride

About My Film: It’s about the latest challenges I faced as I took sex work into 3 arenas many consider too taboo for it to go: Family, Politics and Relationships.

Name: You are Me

About My Film: My film brings to the fore the double life I feel I’ve had to live due to the stigma associated with sex work

A Q&A session with their makers will follow the screening of these films. 

Sex worker, Health Service Provider, Activist; Christian (aka: Tyson Quorren-Smith amongst other aliases) has been involved with sex work for the past 12 years.  Christian has worked in a number of health and community responses for sex workers and other socially excluded peoples. He currently works at RhED (Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry), as the Health Education and Support Worker for Male and Trans* Sex Workers in Victoria and co-ordinates the Hustling 2 Health Program, a peer based,  after hours drop-in service for street sex workers. As a sex worker activist, Christian has taken on a number of roles.  He is a highly active member of Vixen, the Victorian Sex Industry Network, a social support group entirely constituted of sex workers who seek to provide a voice for Victorian sex workers. Christian is also the elected National Representative of Male Sex Workers by the Scarlet Alliance, the Australian sex worker association. Alongside this experience, Christian sex work career spans many contexts from street work to escort agency work to private work with special needs clients.  Highly versatile, either being the boy next door or the boy your mama warned you about, Christian has well-practiced skills in physical, intellectual and sensory satisfaction.

WHERE : 24 Moons. AC/DC Lane. (off Flinders Lane)

WHEN: Monday June 6th

TIME: DOORS 6PM. Speaker and Movies start at 7.30pm


Welcome to 2011

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And a huge welcome to 2011!

Hope this finds you well and contented!

Yikes, January is almost over which means that the first Pleasure Salon Melbourne for 2011 is about to kick off on Monday 7th February.

At PSM there have been a few changes to bring in the new year, and we are thrilled to announce the details of our new host venue and sponsorship from {also} Foundation & Take Care out there.

So first of all, a huge thanks to Miss Libertine for their support over the past 6 months, and it is with great pleasure we welcome the support of one of Melbourne’s finest cocktail bars, 24 Moons.

Tucked away in true Melbourne style, down AC/DC lane, 24 Moons is a sleek and gorgeous bar, providing boutique beer and wines, cocktails, table service for PSM gatherings & bar snacks and meals ranging from fancy cheese plates and other nibbles to a variety of steamed dumplings for greater appetites. 24 Moons is honoured to be supporting PSM and have agreed to open just for us on Mondays, allowing both attendees and our speakers greater exclusivity. 24 moons is accessible from AC/DC lane, off Flinders lane. There are a few stairs, however, for those who need wheelchair access, there is another entrance from Flinders street, and with ample notice, assistance can be arranged to help you into the venue. Please email us should you require this. Toilets are not fully wheelchair friendly, however with a buddy, they are usable.

February 2011

So, our first presentation for 2011, February 7th is looking at sex and pleasure around the notions of gender.

We have confirmed two fabulous presenters for the night, offering you a range of info and perspectives on playing in and with, gender diversity and fluidity.

Main Presenter: Jez is a queer transman and the visionary behind the up and coming Trans Zine: DUDE. Jez has travelled and explored queer culture in the USA, Europe and Asia and learnt to negotiate playing and existing in queer spaces, as well as cruising male only sexual spaces, sometimes under a certain level of danger, which is what he would like to change.

Jez identifies a need to continue to develop skills and share knowledge for both trans guys and those interested in playing with transguys, for the sake of making play hotter, safer and more fun!!!! He was the coverboy of the  first Dirty queer magazine, was a co-curator of the 2008 Midsumma exhibition Transmen Translated, and has performed boylesque for many years as well as a 2 year season as a male stripper for Rockstrip in 2008 and 2009. Jez has also acted in some short films and participated in documentaries that have been screened at international film festivals.

 Jez’s presentation is sure to engage and inform.

 You’ll obtain insight and awareness of trans guys and some helpful information around negotiating sexual relationships including:

  •  Understanding gender identity vs. sexual identity. 
  •  Overview of Trans Guys and the diversity of masculine identities. •
  •  Surgery, status and assumptions. •
  •  Helpful terminology and language •
  •  Negotiation, respect and consent •
  • Tips from DUDE: Trans Male Zine• –
  •  Where to go for more information


Respectful questions and feedback will be welcomed and Jez will be happy to share personal experiences.

 Our second presentation will be a brief discussion with author of  “My Agender” , Stef Tipping, who has written and collated a new collection of stories and experiences from gender diverse folks in Melbourne and beyond. Both Jez and Stef will have copies of their respective publications available on the night for purchase and perusal.

When: Monday Feb 7th

Doors : Strictly from 6pm

Speakers start 7.30pm

Where: 24 Moons

 AC/DC Lane

 Melbourne CBD


Welcome to 2011 and we welcome you back to Pleasure Salon Melbourne!

Successful July event

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Greetings Pleasure Lovers,

July PSM was the biggest yet, and a massive thanks goes out to all who attended. Pleasure Salon Melbourne is nothing with out your input and support. It’s so wonderful to see so many sex positive folk out and about talking about SEX!

And extra special thank yous to Fiona Patten of the Australian Sex Party

and Ambrosia Noir

Keep an eye on your inbox over the next fortnight for info about August PSM, Date, and Venue including details about our guest speaker Dean Beck and his speciality, Anal sex.

Until then


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Greetings Pleasure Lovers,
Due to the INCREDIBLE response to Pleasure Salon Melbourne for
  next Wednesday July 7th,
 (OPPOSITE R.M.I.T  Next to Druid’s Cafe. Cnr Little Latrobe and Swanston )
Melbourne Central train station. Head north along Swanston St
Any Swanston St tram (heading to / from Melb Uni.)
Get off at RMIT / La Trobe st 
Doors 6pm
First speaker 6.30 pm
Second speaker around 8pm
For those of you who have never been to The Order, this venue is very spacious, so there will be plenty of room for everyone.
Thanks to everyone who has RSVPd, and now we are certain to be able to accomodate everyone comfortably whatever time you come, ( and however many guests you bring)
Sadly, the venue is not wheelchair or frame friendly…… and there is NO LIFT.
 There is however, a heated rooftop terrace for those who like a little nicotine after great sex. 

Please join us in creating Pleasure Salon Melbourne. Our values of respect, tolerance and non-judgmental support for Australia’s diverse sexual communities are fundamental for this organisation to exist in a public forum, and we encourage all attendees to embrace these values within our sex-positive community.

Pleasure Salon Melbourne is currently considering new premises so check updates on our website for further details as they come to pass.
If you have any ideas for great venues,big enough to accomodate our growing numbers, located centrally, (in the CBD is ideal for all our members coming from all over town), and something wheelchair friendly, please let us know. 
Looking forward to seeing you all next week
With Pleasure

July Gathering

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Greetings Pleasure Lovers,

Pleasure Salon Melbourne is looking forward to a HOT July gathering, with not 1 but 2 fabulous speakers.

Speaking first, at the earlier time slot of around 6.30 pm will be Ambrosia Noir, leading us through her world of Kink, fetish and BDSM.

Ambrosia Noir is a kinky sex industry professional with a penchant for bizarre, esoteric, absurd and obscure styles of play. Equal measures compassionate and freaky, she loves nothing more than fleshing out the nuances of desire, eroticism and control with like-minded, communicative kinksters. A switch at heart, she’s a fierce yet playful service top, a very squirmy bottom and a serious lover of power-play. Fantasy fulfillment is a massive priority in her life! In the dungeon her specialties include elaborate roleplaying, unusual fetishes, ageplay, foodplay, humiliation, gender play and all-round perversion. Ambrosia’s most well-honed skill, above and beyond all else, is being able to find the “heat” in a person’s fantasy – so long as they’re ready and willing to go to that place. Join Ambrosia Noir at July’s Pleasure Salon to learn about the challenges, excitement and of course, the depravity she explores in her career as a BDSM professional

And then around 8 pm will be Fiona Patten, leader of the Australian Sex Party, exploring and explaining the policies and values of Australia’s first sex positive political party.

******please note our new venue*****






Wednesday July 7th. 2010.

******please note our new venue*****