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New Venue, New Days and February Gathering

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Greetings all ……..and Happy New Year

Pleasure Salon Melbourne is back for 2012 with a fabulous variety of sex-positive, sexual  health, pleasure  and  adult information  evenings . Our nights still feature  Australia’s  best sex educators and activists to bring you some of the most up to date and progressive sexuality information available, all in a friendly and welcoming environment.

As you know we have been looking for a new home for some time now, and have finally found one  at the gorgeous

LOOP bar

23 Meyers Place

Melbourne CBD  (Off Bourke St,  close to Parliament Station.)

We are thrilled to announce this venue is WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE and has CAR PARKING  close by.

Next week our


from 6.30pm will be on



Forum starts at 7.30 pm

February Pleasure Salon Melbourne celebrates sex-positive erotic films, feminism and pornography

February PSM will be trialling a new PANEL format where our guests will be able to engage in dialogue with Cyndi and the audience to explore and detail their experiences as performers and producers of pornographic adult movies.

Our Feb line up includes the gorgeous and articulate Gala  known for her pioneering work with FECK,  stunning feminist pornster Liandra Dahl  an independent feminist pornographer and blogger who has recently worked with one of the world’s most well known sex educators ( Betty) Dodson and Ross,  alongside award winning  Australian production company, Adult Voyeur’s very own  Bourke Wills.


Gala is a mutli-purpose sex-positive sex worker who entered the industry through the pornhole.  Her career in alternative smutmaking started at a Melbourne-based company Feck ( one of Pleasure Salon Melbourne’s sponsors),  and her work appears on its sites,,, and  more recently she has appeared on, and she is currently preparing to launch a blog journalling her experiences in various facets of the industry.’

Liandra Dahl

Liandra has worked in the alternative pornography industry for 9 years. She first began work with the Australian adult websites run by Feck,  and as a contributor and then as the hostess of their masturbation site between 2003 to 2007. She has also worked with acclaimed European female adult film producers Erika Lust and Jennifer Lyon Bell as a performer. She currently runs her own pansexual independent reality sex site where she performs, produces, films, edits and codes for the whole project and website.

Bourke Wills

Bourke Wills started making high quality, uniquely Australian porn a long time ago as Adult Voyuer. Our first trial shoot was August 2008 and was either a dismal failure or incredibly steep learning curve, depending on which way you look at these things.

We continued shooting,  and learning until we felt we had a sufficient backlog of material. We launched the first version of our site in 2010 to a very good reception and relaunched in in 2011 the same year we  won the Eros Shine Award for the “Best Australian Adult Website”.

Adult Voyeur continues to grow  largely due to the fascination the rest of the world has with Australia and Australian’s eager to see Australian content. We are Australia’s only high production value, top shelf,  adult film company and are dedicated to showcasing beautiful Australians having great sex in gorgeous Australian locations. We feel Australian porn as a whole is unique, it is women and couple friendly, empowering,  sex positive porn.

In other news……………………………

Starting in March,  we will be meeting the FIRST TUESDAY of each month which means our March Salon will be on TUESDAY March 6th, and we will be continuing with TUESDAY gatherings for the rest of 2012 unless we have a special event.

We understand that may mean some of you won’t be able to attend, whilst for others it means a break from the weekend crazies and a day to recover before heading out again. Running such an event we try our best to keep everyone happy, but in the end decisions have to be made, and we hope this change causes as little disappointment and inconvenience as possible

LOOP bar have offered us the residency for the duration of 2012 and we look forward to sampling their fabulous food and drink selection and taking advantage of the fabulous tech set up in addition to the warm embrace of Pleasure Salon Melbourne’s values of open and honest discussion around the importance of pleasure and good sex.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

July Gathering

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Our June gathering of Pleasure Salon Melbourne  went off with a bang as Christian and friends wowed the crowd with their saucy,  humorous and touching films about sex workers by sex workers. Door prizes from Bliss for Women, FECK and Adult Matchmaker marched out the door with more to come at our July Gathering. ( see details below)

As always HUGE thanks to our speakers, our fabulous attendees…  (that’s YOU) and of course the gang at our sexy host venue 24 Moons.


Erotica, sexy, steamy, and a little bit naughty tonight we will titilate your tastebuds with what we do, let you see into the world of how we do it and why.

With our varied backgrounds and influences, we all have a story to tell – it’s just that the telling might take you on a twisted journey or two …. ready for the ride?

Come along with erotica author  KL Joy & her friends and discover the world of erotica.

KL (Kyra-Ly) fell into writing accidentally about 7 years ago. Having been out and about on the BDSM Melbourne Scene for a number of years, it took her own Catalyst of being dragged along to a private play party to prompt her to begin writing. She self published that first book Catalyst: Stories of Awakening in 2009 and took it to the BDSM community that had inspired her. The support she got from with in the community was fabulous, but the surprising market were the housewives of suburbia who devoured that book and went on to look for others! To their delight, and many others, the second book Desire: Stories of Secret Longing is soon to be released!

Geoffrey Knight has been writing novels for 12 years, but found his greatest success when he switched from traditional mainstream genres to writing gay male erotica 4 years ago. In that time he has written seven gay fiction titles, two of which reached number one on Amazon’s Gay Fiction best-seller lists in the U.S., France and Canada. His latest gay best-seller, THE CURSE OF THE DRAGON GOD, will be released in the U.S. early July, and will be launched in Sydney later in the month.

Eva Sless is a Melbourne-based freelance writer who specialises in sex-journalism. She is a former (although still occasional) sex worker who began her writing career with a “Belle Du Jour” type column in Australian People Magazine. The column, Sophie Loves Sex, highlighting some of the more quirky and positive sides of the sex industry. With a blend of humour and a down-to-earth, chatty tone, Eva’s column was one of the most popular and longest running of its kind. Currently, Eva is a regular contributor to Mother and Baby magazine, providing useful information and humorous anecdotes for new parents about sex and relationships.  She is currently working on  her own book based on all the sex-related experiences she has had.

Aimee Nichols is an award-winning author whose erotic fiction has appeared in a number of anthologies including The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 6, Got a Minute?: Sixty Second Erotica, First Timers: True Stories of Lesbian Awakening, Sixteen of the Best,and Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2006.  Her writing has also appeared in magazines and online.  She was an editor of Eroticus magazine, and has always related more strongly to Rizzo than to Sandy.

WHEN:  Monday July 4th
Doors open for drinks, nibbles and mingling at 6pm
Speakers start at 7.30

WHERE: 24 Moons. AC/DC Lane. Off Flinders Lane. Melbourne

$10 at the door

See you there

News and June Gathering

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May Pleasure Salon Melbourne was the beginning of our Wintery series of presentations, featuring the expertise of the delightful Uma and her approach to Tantra and Expanded Erotic Consciousness. Big big thanks to Uma for coming all the way from Brisbane to share her knowledge and passion with us! We HEART you!

Our gatherings just seem to keep growing and growing, thanks to all of you. Be sure to join our mailing list for regular updates and info on our sex-positive gatherings in Melbourne.


Pleasure Salon Melbourne only exists with your energy and participation, so the Pleasure Salon Melbourne organisers are deeply grateful to each and every one of our attendees, WE LOVE YOU…… and the  fabulous support of our host venue 24 Moons, our provider of door prizes Bliss 4 Women and ALSO Foundation for our flyers.


We are also thrilled to announce the support of  FECK, creator of Beautiful Agony, I Shot Myself and I Feel Myself for their generous contribution. Starting in June, FECK and Pleasure Salon Melbourne will be giving away one online membership each month to one lucky Pleasure Salon Melbourne attendee.


Being a community based organisation, PSM is always appreciative of any sponsorship that can be provided to assist with maintaining PSM and the contributions we make to making Australia a brighter and more sex-positive place to live. Should you or your business like to be part of this, please email us.


Sex work from a Sex worker’s Perspective

Hosted and Presented by Christian Vega

Overwhelmingly, dramatic performances, research articles and media portrayals make the most of the misery and desperation experienced by some people who do sex work. It’s unsurprisingly rare that these stories are told by actual sex workers. Instead, audiences are fed faceless images, caricatures that perpetuate stereotypes and stigma against sex workers and stymie the progress of our human rights.

In June, Pleasure Salon Melbourne would like to change that.   With the assistance of Zero One Zero, a community digital story telling collective, a group of sex workers were given the tools and skills to express themselves through the medium of film. Pleasure Salon Melbourne will be screening some of these short films:

Name: Lover & Fighter

About: Made with the intention to de-mystify political contradictions and celebrate sex work’s positive impact on my life to those around me i have difficulty explaining it to.

Name: Whore Pride

About My Film: It’s about the latest challenges I faced as I took sex work into 3 arenas many consider too taboo for it to go: Family, Politics and Relationships.

Name: You are Me

About My Film: My film brings to the fore the double life I feel I’ve had to live due to the stigma associated with sex work

A Q&A session with their makers will follow the screening of these films. 

Sex worker, Health Service Provider, Activist; Christian (aka: Tyson Quorren-Smith amongst other aliases) has been involved with sex work for the past 12 years.  Christian has worked in a number of health and community responses for sex workers and other socially excluded peoples. He currently works at RhED (Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry), as the Health Education and Support Worker for Male and Trans* Sex Workers in Victoria and co-ordinates the Hustling 2 Health Program, a peer based,  after hours drop-in service for street sex workers. As a sex worker activist, Christian has taken on a number of roles.  He is a highly active member of Vixen, the Victorian Sex Industry Network, a social support group entirely constituted of sex workers who seek to provide a voice for Victorian sex workers. Christian is also the elected National Representative of Male Sex Workers by the Scarlet Alliance, the Australian sex worker association. Alongside this experience, Christian sex work career spans many contexts from street work to escort agency work to private work with special needs clients.  Highly versatile, either being the boy next door or the boy your mama warned you about, Christian has well-practiced skills in physical, intellectual and sensory satisfaction.

WHERE : 24 Moons. AC/DC Lane. (off Flinders Lane)

WHEN: Monday June 6th

TIME: DOORS 6PM. Speaker and Movies start at 7.30pm


May Gathering.

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Our April gathering covering the big questions about Swinging,  proved to be a very popular night. Thanks again to our fab host venue 24 Moons, and our  guest speaker Chantelle Austin who gave away copies of her book, along with a personal coaching voucher valued at over $300! Congratulations to all our lucky winners of Chantelle’s prizes, and our other gifts from Bliss 4 Women.

Also, be sure to check out the page about 24Moons Wheelchair Access under our ‘pages‘  listing, should you require wheelchair access.

As I write this it’s wet and cold outside….a perfect time to get all comfy and tuned into our May presentation.

An exploration of Tantra, Spiritual Sex and Expanded Erotic Consciousness

Our May presenter, Uma, joins us from Brisbane. She has spent most of her working life in the pleasure industry, earning her living as a Sacred Intimate while exploring different approaches to sensuality and sexuality. There are many names for these sacred teachers and erotic explorers- Tantrika, Dakini, Sacred Prostitute, Sacred Intimate. All of these titles are relevant to her work and she wears them with pride.

Uma has been trained in Tantra, Shamanism and Taoism and is a Certified Sexological  Bodyworker . She has found her path in life teaching people of all genders and sexual orientations the art and mysteries of sacred sexuality, and is thrilled to bring her knowledge and passion to speak in Melbourne for the very first time.

Along with her partner, she started studying the Tantric arts 8 years ago as a way to bring their relationship  closer together . It ended up being much more profound experience than either of them could have imagined, which continues to lead them today through an ever-changing exploration of a mystical world of sensuality, heart connection and the Divine.

Uma’s presentation will  explore and explain the history of Tantra as a spiritual philosophy in ancient India and how it is as relevant, important and meaningful  today as it was in days gone by.  Drawing on influences from other spiritual disciplines including Taoism from China and Shamanism from the Americas, Uma will give an overview of how these ancient secrets can be applied to modern-day sexuality and enhance contemporary sexual relationships between all orientations and genders.
Uma’s presentation at Pleasure Salon Melbourne will cover topics including:

*What is sacred sexuality and Tantra?

*What is conscious sexuality?

*Why practice sacred /conscious sex?

*The role of a Sacred Prostitute historically and today

*The kind of people who practice Tantra and Why

* Tantra / Spiritual sex as a complement  to alternative sexual practices ( including solo sex and BDSM)

*How to bring consciousness and the Sacred into your own solo -sex life, and with others.

*Creating a pan-sexual , sacred sexual  community that includes practices from breath work to tantric massage to conscious BDSM  and sex magic.

Where: 24 Moons

Serving Drinks / Nibbles and Dumplings

When: Monday May 2nd. 6pm- 10 pm


Speaker starts at 7.30pm


July Gathering

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Greetings Pleasure Lovers,

Pleasure Salon Melbourne is looking forward to a HOT July gathering, with not 1 but 2 fabulous speakers.

Speaking first, at the earlier time slot of around 6.30 pm will be Ambrosia Noir, leading us through her world of Kink, fetish and BDSM.

Ambrosia Noir is a kinky sex industry professional with a penchant for bizarre, esoteric, absurd and obscure styles of play. Equal measures compassionate and freaky, she loves nothing more than fleshing out the nuances of desire, eroticism and control with like-minded, communicative kinksters. A switch at heart, she’s a fierce yet playful service top, a very squirmy bottom and a serious lover of power-play. Fantasy fulfillment is a massive priority in her life! In the dungeon her specialties include elaborate roleplaying, unusual fetishes, ageplay, foodplay, humiliation, gender play and all-round perversion. Ambrosia’s most well-honed skill, above and beyond all else, is being able to find the “heat” in a person’s fantasy – so long as they’re ready and willing to go to that place. Join Ambrosia Noir at July’s Pleasure Salon to learn about the challenges, excitement and of course, the depravity she explores in her career as a BDSM professional

And then around 8 pm will be Fiona Patten, leader of the Australian Sex Party, exploring and explaining the policies and values of Australia’s first sex positive political party.

******please note our new venue*****






Wednesday July 7th. 2010.

******please note our new venue*****






June Gathering 2010

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Greetings Pleasure Lovers,

Please find attached the invitation to June Pleasure Salon Melbourne, with presentation by Sexpert and therapist, Catherine Carter on ‘Conscious Touch’

‘Using both humour and my passion for helping people to experience sex as a form of self healing and deep pleasure, I will be using a model of both a penis and a vagina to demonstrate the power of ‘conscious’ genital touch.  While the demonstration will aim at being informative and instructional, this is also about having fun and pleasure, so I invite you to come with an open mind, a twinkle in your eye and a willingness to share any insights you may have …..After the enlightening, entertaining and engaging talks from both Sally and Christian at the first two Pleasure Salon’s,  I am excited and delighted to be  sharing my insights and knowledge with you  at  the next PS event’  –  see you there! x Cath  (Oh and a big thank you to Ms Cyndi!)

Catherine Carter is a promoter of conscious sexuality, sensuality and feminine energy work.   For over 18 years Cath has been practicing as a psychotherapist and workshop presenter, counselling clients in the healing power of sexuality, for all genders.

Wednesday June 2 2010

Madame Brussels ( Up the Rear: ie: Behind the bar)

Level 3, 59- 63 Bourke St ( Above Spaghetti Tree)

Melbourne. 6 pm- 10 pm

Parliament Train Station

Parliament tram stop route 86 / 96


What’s Coming Up? June-August 2010

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Things are moving along very nicely for Pleasure Salon Melbourne, Australia’s  first sex positive meet up group, focusing on gathering people from all of Australia’s sex positive communities to share knowledge, experience and most importantly, contacts.

For those of you who haven’t made it along to a gathering yet, rest assured our gatherings are fun, informative and friendly; not sleazy or intimidating. And best of all, we welcome people from all of Melbourne and Australia’s sex positive communities, so no matter what you’re into or how you identify, if it’s legal and consensual, you’ll find others who are into it too!

And a big thanks to our May speaker, the gorgeous Christian Vega.  If you missed Christian’s presentation, be sure to hop along to one of our gatherings and catch up with Christian in person.

What’s coming up for winter to keep you warm and toasty? Pleasure Salon Melbourne has a few ideas…..

On the calendar

Wednesday June 2nd. “Conscious Touch”

Think you’re good in the sack?

Think you could be even better?

Wednesday June 2 brings our next gathering with an extraordinary presentation by Melbourne sexpert, sex educator and psychotherapist Catherine Carter.

Get along to this presentation for suggestions and demos on how to make your physical sex better. No matter your preference, gender or identity, this presentation will give you a great intro to the basics of making sex, sexier!

Check inbox over the next week for invite and further details

Wednesday July 7th

Ever been intrigued by what really goes on in a professional dungeon? Had a bit of experience in a dungeon yourself and want to share your stories?  Melbourne mistress, Mistress Ambrosia takes us on a journey into the world of kink and BDSM, explaining life as a professional switch in the Melbourne kink scene…… and a whole lot more.





( Between Swanston and Elizabeth)



Monday August 2nd

Joy FMs Hide and Seek presenter and producer Dean Beck is hopping on board Pleasure Salon Melbourne to talk us through the intimate world of anal sex.  In the infamous howls of Robert Plant, Dean Beck is gonna be ‘our’ back door man, explaining the finer points of what anal sex is all about, why it’s good, and more importantly, how to do it properly! (Yep, there’s more to it than just stickin’ it in.) From beginners to advanced, Dean will make sure you get a good introduction to the ins and outs of butt sex, or certainly make sure you’ve got the right set of keys at least.

Got an idea?

So keep an eye on your inbox each month for further details and confirmation of guest speakers as they come to light. And if you know of anyone who you think would be a great speaker at Pleasure Salon Melbourne, be sure to drop us a line at with their contact details and a topic overview, as we’re always on the lookout for new people with new ideas!